During the buying process you will be asked to decide which of these licenses applies to how you will use the fonts.

Desktop license: For installation on a computer. Licensed per computer (minimum is 5 Users). Pay once or extend.
Web license: Webfonts are used with the CSS @font-face rule. Licensed for a set number of page views.
Digital Ads license: Embed webfonts in digital ads for use with HTML5. Pay As You Go.
App license: Fonts for embedding into Mobile apps. Seperate license for each app.
Electronic Doc license: Embed fonts into eBook, eMagazine, PDF or other publication. Licensed per Title.
Server license: Fonts installed on Server to create content. Licensed per core CPU per year.

Once license category has been identified, visit an Authorised Reseller to start your purchase.
After selecting the font AND the license for its use, the price is updated in your Shopping Cart.

License descriptions are intended as a general information guide and may differ between Retailers.

Fonts are purchased by licensing them for specific uses


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