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These fonts have many sets of alternative letters which are important as they provide a selection
of different letterforms for teachers to use fitting their chosen reading and handwriting policy.

Open a PDF in a new window to view the alternatives sets of letters available:

Sassoon Infant family alternatives

Sassoon Primary family alternatives

Sassoon Sans family alternatives

Sassoon Sans US family alternatives

Sassooon Patterns Family alternatives

Sassoon Joiner family alternatives

Sassoon Book family alternatives

Sassoon Felt family alternatives

Sassoon Montessori family alternatives

Sassoon Sans Jolly Digraphs family alternatives

In OpenType font terminology these 'features' of alternative letters are called 'Stylistic Sets' and are available when used with an OpenType compatible application, making selection of alternatives or setting default alternatives a more convenient method.

Standard delivery of Sassoon fonts is offered in two font formats:

Some applications are built to use only one format, which is why this choice is offered.

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Please note: the application using the fonts must be OpenType 'savvy' in order to access these built-in alternative letter sets. For example if using fonts in Microsoft 'Word' application, Windows version 2010 or a later is required. For Mac OS version 2011 is required. Adobe 'InDesign' and Apple's 'TextEdit', Serif 'PagePlus' are also compatible.

For Sassoon separate-letter fonts in your application, such as 'Sassoon Infant', 'Sassoon Primary', choose one of the 'Stylistic Sets' features to access the alternative letters you need. For Sassoon joined fonts, such as 'Sassoon Joined', 'Sassoon Write', you must select 'Contextual Alternates' feature to invoke default joining of letters. Optionally you may also choose one of the 'Stylistic Sets' if alternative letters are needed.