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Where can I purchase Sassoon fonts?

Our website displays samples of all Sassoon fonts and descriptions of how best to use them.
Fonts and licenses can be purchased from one of our Authorised resellers.

Once on their site, search for "Sassoon" to see a selection of all the font families.
If you know the exact family enter the name, for example "Sassoon Infant".
A list will appear displaying that family.

Click “Buying choices/more options” to see various license options for fonts such as:
Desktop, Webfonts, Digital Aids, Mobile, eBook, Server.

If you have any questions please use the support service offered by the Reseller.
Email: General Enquiries, Request a Quote, FAQs
Email: General Enquiries
Email: Desktop font sales
OEM Enquiries
Signin to create an Account and Manage your orders, get quotes.

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15 October 2016